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Assortment of Specialized Refrigerated Ford Vans Convert Any Chevy Van
Into a Refrigerated One
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Sub Zero is the Largest Insulation and Refrigeration Technology company in the Industry.
We are 5 Times Larger than our Largest Competitor!
Specialty Upfitter servicing Corporate Clients Nationwide

Sub Zero Insulation & Refrigeration Technologies, LLC. is an independent, family-owned and operated manufacturer of custom refrigerated/heated insulated commercial trucks and vans. Located on a 70,000 square feet facility in Brooklyn, New York, Sub Zero handles all design, fabrication, installation and maintenance for satisfied clients nationwide.

Sub Zero developed a seamless, thermo insulated product whereby a high density foam insulation is applied at least three inches thick, filling every crevice and crack. The Sub Zero product resists attacks from moisture, crude oil and most commonly used chemicals & solvents.

Sub Zero’s rigid polyurethane foam system is designed to prevent air, moisture and heat infiltration, making it the most efficient thermal insulation product in the market place today.

The finished product, enables your trucks, vans and trailers to hold temperatures as low as -20 degrees F,and helps reefers own vehicle temperatures 60% faster than competitive products.

There is no other product out on the market today that holds temperature like Sub Zero, no other product that makes cleaning easier, no other product that will last longer!

As a result, Sub Zero will save your company time and money!

Sub Zero Technologies offers the following commercial vehicles:

Refrigerated Vans
Refrigerated Trucks
Refrigerated Trailers
- WHITSONS FoodService - Huntington Station, NY
- Here at Sub Zero, WE SAY WHAT WE DO - WE DO WHAT WE SAY!
Are you tired of being told 3 to 4 weeks for delivery and 8 weeks later still waiting?
Are you tired of having to replace your liner 2 years later?
  • We provide you with a superior product than the competition!
  • We can customize your vehicle according to your specifications!
  • We deliver our customers vehicles when promised!
  • We give you the friendly service your business deserves!
  • We have time saving options for dealers, like the E-Z Install Kit!
Brooklyn & Long Island Drop-Off Locations
Brooklyn Location
144 Van Dyke Street
Brooklyn, NY 11231
Tel: 718-534-0300
Fax: 718-532-3064
Long Island Location
45 East Industry Court
Deer Park, NY 11729
Tel: 718-534-0300
Fax: 718-532-3064
Email: subzero165@aol.com
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