About Us
Company Profile
Sub Zero Insulation & Refrigeration Technologies, LLC. is an independent, family-owned and operated manufacturer of custom refrigerated/insulated commercial truck and van liners. Located o­n a 70,000 square feet facility in Brooklyn, New York, Sub Zero handles all design, fabrication, installation and maintenance.
For the unity and strength of our products, Sub Zero’s operations are teamed-up with an expert full-service auto-body shop, auto-mechanic repairs facility and an air-conditioning/refrigeration center, allowing the flexibility to service our customers every need.
In today’ fast paced style of living, many consumers purchase processed/frozen foods, are dinning out, or demand more choices in term of pre-made and fresh/frozen meals, as opposed to preparing and producing their meals from raw materials purchased at the market. Whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer, the process in making those goods available to the consumers is a transitional step in the network of distributing merchandises, where the transportation segment of these fresh/frozen refrigerated and frozen goods within this network is absolutely essential.
Because the most important reason for using a refrigerated/heated van is to keep your cargo at a consistent control temperature, the need for specialized and quality temperature controlled transportation equipment is equally as essential.
Keeping this concept in mind, the company was founded, with the objective to develop and manufacture state of the art temperature controlled equipment, combining superior quality, competitive prices, improved service and one hundred percent customer satisfaction.
Our History
Sub Zero Insulation & Refrigeration Technologies, LLC. non-compromising commitment to quality and service, combined with input from our customers, our sales people, our shop floor craftsmen and our suppliers has enabled us to proudly produce a superior quality product.
Our Mission Statement
Sub Zero Insulation & Refrigeration Technologies, LLC. is a Quality Manufacturer of Specialized Refrigerated/Insulated Commercial Transportation Equipment.
In support of this we are committed to:
  • Personalized Customer Service
  • Superior Quality Components
  • Cost Competitive Products
  • Keep Our Promises
  • Continuous Improvement of All-That-We-Do
  • Working together Profitably
  • Freeze the Competition