Refrigerated/Heated Trucks

For over 10 years, Sub Zero Insulation & Refrigeration Technologies has been providing clients nationwide with refrigerated trucks and insulated trucks. Commodities requiring refrigerated transport can be anything from fresh food and produce to adhesives and pharmaceuticals, each with there own shipping characteristics. Sub Zero has a long history of providing a wide range or perishable commodities utilizing state-of-the-art refrigerated and insulated trucks with the latest in temperature control technology.

Our refrigerated and insulated trucks offer our consumers the peace of mind that the delivery of their perishable items will be delivered in a state-of-the-art truck that improves thermal performance and reduces operating costs. At Sub Zero we can custom design the refrigerated/insulated truck fitted to the customers needs and requirements. Refrigerated/insulated bodies for cargo trucks are fitted with belts inside to hold the goods intact. These are applicable when the truck is half filled with goods and needs to keep them intact from tampering caused by the motion of the vehicle.