Refrigerated/Heated Vans

For over 10 years, Sub Zero Insulation & Refrigeration Technologies has been providing clients nationwide with refrigerated vans and insulated vans. Why purchase a large refrigerated truck that has high insurance costs associated with it when a smaller more efficient delivery vehicle will do? Small refrigerated vans allow for quick, economical deliveries, allowing you to save on your fuel expenses. At Sub Zero we can convert new or used vans into insulated refrigerated/heated vans with a sleek, smart and modern look for the consumer.

At Sub Zero we know when our consumers are arranging for their logistical needs cold storage or insulated heat is always near the top of their list of considerations. That’s why our insulated vans are easy to clean, maintain and provide a temperature controlled transportation and storage. Whether you are a florist, caterer, food distributor or offer any delivery service where the temperature controlled transportation can make or break your business we are the company for all your needs.