Sprinter Refrigerated/Heated Vans

For over 10 years, Sub Zero Insulation & Refrigeration Technologies has been providing clients nationwide with refrigerated vans and insulated vans. Why purchase a large refrigerated truck when a smaller more efficient delivery vehicle will do? Small refrigerated vans allow for quick, economical deliveries, going in and out of traffic more easily and allows you to save on your fuel expenses. Refrigerated vans do not require CDL drivers, do not have high insurance costs, and are more fuel efficient. At Sub Zero we can convert on both new or used vans into insulated refrigerated/heated vans. Our insulated vans are easy to clean and maintain and provide a temperature controlled environment for your products.

Our insulated units are:

Waterproof: Protects the van body and chassis minimizing corrosion and extend the life of your van.

Higher Insulation Factor: Extends the life of your refrigeration unit and insures product integrity.

USDA and FDA Compliant

Aseptic: Easy to clean with a hose, steam washer or strong sanitizer.

Seamless Construction: Eliminates moisture intrusion and possibility of mold growth.

Custom Options Available: Engine Driven Refrigeration Units, Cargo Control Systems and Treadplate Aluminum Floors and Sides are some of the options available.

Call Sub Zero to design an refrigerated/heated van and start saving on your delivery costs.

Put a Sprinter Refrigerated Van from Sub Zero Insulation & Refrigeration Technologies on your delivery route today.